New road markings in NDG confused motorists Thursday, after they mysteriously appeared overnight. Local businesses worry they may add to traffic woes in the area. 

The parallel yellow lines appeared overnight Wednesday running the length of Sherbrooke St. West in a borough where traffic is a constant headache for motorists. 

They're about a meter and a half apart; not quite in the middle of the road, not quite off to the side either.

Many drivers didn't know what to make of them. Some thought the lines denoted a new bike lane running straight down the middle of the street, a prospect that seemed crazy. Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery took to twitter Thursday morning to dispel that rumor and explain what the lines are for. 

"We're making a new median strip with painted lines and shaded areas to remind everyone to drive carefully," she wrote. 

But the change isn't sitting well with some businesses who say it will make a bad congestion problem in the area even worse. 

"Circulation in this part of our neighbourhood is very complicated, very difficult. and then to start anew ... While people are already confused in this neighbourhood. I'm a little bit worried that this will make it more dangerous at least for the time being," said Sarah Miller-Barrington, a local business manager. 

A spokesperson for the borough said Sherbrooke St. has always been one lane in either direction, but it was wide and drivers often acted like there were two. Dangerous manoevres were common. The parallel lines were an attempt to stop such behaviour. 

In some areas, perpendicular lines down the middle of the two lines add clarity. They'll soon be painted along the rest of the road, according to the city. 

But CTV News witnessed several people use the middle of the street as a passing lane Thursday, to get around double-parked trucks.