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Too many youth think using English words is 'cool,' says Legault


"Il y a des jeunes qui, malheureusement, trouvent ça 'cool' de sortir des mots en anglais."

Quebec Premier François Legault's words, translated: "There are youth who, unfortunately, find it 'cool' to use English words."

The irony of this statement wasn't lost on representatives at the national assembly on Thursday as they watched a debate between Legault and his opposition unfold.

It took a few seconds for Legault to realize his own slip-up as chuckles erupted across the Salon Bleu.

"There couldn't be a response more illuminating that his ad didn't do anything to prevent use of anglicisms. He too, even fell for it," retorted interim Quebec Liberal Party leader Marc Tanguay, speaking above the laughter.

Premier Legault had been defending his government's funding of an ad campaign last year aimed at promoting the French language.

The ad, which mimicked a nature documentary, poked fun at some Quebecers' tendency to use English words in daily conversation, describing the majestic peregrine falcon as "vraiment sick" and "assez chill."

Tanguay questioned the efficiency of this kind of campaign, and said Legault's slip of the tongue only proves his point.

"Even he was not capable of understanding the message," he said.

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