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Winter tires required beginning Dec. 1 in Quebec


Those hoping to drive in Quebec need to have winter tires on rims and in place by Friday or face potential fines.

All vehicles in the province must be winter-ready from Dec. 1 to March 15 or face fines ranging from $200 to $300.

Winter tires are not required for the following:

  • Heavy vehicles
  • Utility vehicles
  • Farm machinery
  • Spare tires
  • Motorcycles used as emergency vehicles.

There is also a seven-day grace period after a vehicle is purchased from a dealer and a week prior to the vehicle's lease expiring.

Motorhomes that are used permanently as homes do not need to have winter tires installed.

To be compliant, a tire designed for winter driving must be marked with the pictogram illustrated below or be studded. Tires that are reshaped or remodeled for passenger vehicles must also have the pictogram or be studded. SOURCE: MTQ

The Quebec Transport Ministry (MTQ) says winter tires have deeper grooves and help with traction, reduce braking distance and provide for safe acceleration. The MTQ added that drivers should slow down and give greater distance between vehicles as the mercury drops. 


Drivers who park on the street will benefit from relaxed rules as of Dec. 1, when the requirement to move vehicles for street cleaning pauses until April. 1. Top Stories


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