Thousands of leprechauns, Irish dancers, and other Montrealers took to Sainte-Catherine Street today for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. 

Despite spring-like blue skies and sunshine, temperatures were around zero degrees and dippped as low as -13 degrees with the windchill. 

That didn't stop the thousands in attendance from having a good time.

This year's parade was shorter than normal due to construction on Sainte-Catherine Street. 

It began at its usual spot at Fort Street at noon, and then ended at Metcalfe Street. 

The parade featured over 30 floats, 2,500 participants, 15 marching bands, and 300 volunteers to provide security. 

Montreal's first St. Patrick's Day parade was in 1824.

The United Irish Societies of Montreal has been putting them on for nearly a hundred years. 

They wanted people to put differences aside and have a good time at the parade. 

"Just come out to forget about politics and forget about whatever is going wrong in the world," said Ken Quinn of United Irish Societies Of Montreal. "Listen to some music, see some colourful floats, and welcome hopefully the coming of spring in a week or so."

Parade attendees agreed. 

"It's about getting together and forgetting that you're French Canadian or wherever you came from," said one participant.

"Just being together."