After 100 years the tiny Soulanges School in St-Telesphore is still home to eager young minds.

The two-room school house on the western edge of Quebec is smaller than most but head teacher Marie-Helene Townsend said it still functions the way other schools do.

“It’s a real family atmosphere here and I feel sort of like I was given the chance to carry on a tradition,” she said.

Children in kindergarten through grade six are taught within the two rooms. Over the years the community has had to fight to keep their school open.

“It came up on the chopping block a few years ago but the community rallied together,” said Townsend. “Then 21 years ago when space was at a premium, one room was really hard so the whole community came together to build (a second room). It was strictly parents donating their time and materials and knowledge.”

The school will be hosting tours to commemorate its centennial and will hold a celebration on Sept. 28.