MONTREAL -- Drivers in Montreal who don't pay attention to parking rules are about to pay a lot more in fines.

The current fine of $62 for parking illegally on the street will jump to $78.

People who get caught leaving their car in a reserved lane will see fines more than double, from $150 to $302.

The fine for illegally parking in a disabled parking spot will remain at $300.

The Plante administration said it plans to collect an additional $11 million in parking fine revenues this year, assuming motorists continue to park illegally.

The mayor said that money will be reinvested in security and mobility.

Mayor Valerie Plante said she’d prefer to see drivers respect parking signs to improve safety and traffic flow.

“I'm hoping that it will change behaviours,” said Plante. “I’m more interested in changing behaviours than getting the money.”

The priority should be making parking signs easier to understand, said opposition leader Lionel Perez of Ensemble Montreal.

“A lot of people – including Montrealers, not just tourists – have difficulty understanding all the restrictions, so if we can make headway on that it will be easier to swallow the pill,” he said.

City hall will vote on the new parking fines on April 15.