MONTREAL -- The widely held notion of a Quebecois 'joie de vivre' got another boost Thursday morning in a survey that found that Quebecers drink more wine, eat more desserts and have fewer food restrictions than their compatriots in the rest of Canada.

A Leger poll conducted for the Retail Council of Canada found that one in five Quebecers has dessert daily, more than twice as often as other Canadians.

Quebec also likes its wine, the survey found, with 34 per cent of Quebecers reporting that they drink wine daily, compared to 29 per cent among people in the rest of Canada.

The survey also found that Quebecers were more concerned about food waste than other Canadians; one in five Quebecers considered it an important issue, as opposed to one in 10 in the rest of Canada.

Quebecers (36 per cent) are less worried about genetically modified foods than other Canadians (50 per cent), the survey found. 

People in Quebec are also more leery of paying extra for food labelled "organic"; only 45 per cent of Quebecers would shell out more for it, compared to 63 per cent of other Canadians.

The survey results are based on two Leger polls done for the RCC, which represents some 45,000 commercial establishments across Canada: one surveyed 1,508 people between July 27 and Aug. 7 of 2019, and the other surveyed 1,526 people from Jan. 10 through Jan. 14 of this year.