Hema-Quebec has seen a marked increase in donor registration after a Montreal family went public with their search for potential bone marrow donors to help save six-year-old Ellie White, who is battling a rare form of leukemia.

Ellie's family issued a plea to Hema-Quebec to better promote bone marrow donation.

That cause has been bolstered significantly since the story went public last weekend, reaching the attention of philanthropist and former Montreal Canadien, P.K. Subban. 

Hema-Quebec says it received over 900 bone marrow registrations over the weekend. 

Three hundred more signed up on Tuesday morning, after Subban's social media call-to-action. 

After two very difficult days of fevers, Ellie woke up and is "back to her old self," according to mother Amanda Sokoloff, saying the girl was asking to make a volcano as a 'science project.' 

"She woke up yesterday herself - it was an unbelievable and magical thing," Sokoloff said. "She wanted to make a volcano, which is just amazing. A few days ago she wasn't even really talking."

Ellie is scheduled to undergo a lumbar puncture - a painful, yet important, procedure that will allow a direct injection of medicine into her spine.

To register as a donor with Hema-Quebec, click here.

For updates, follow the 'Swab for Ellie' Facebook page.