MONTREAL -- Elementary students across Quebec have had to adapt to new mask rules this week, as they became mandatory at all times. At Beaconsfield's Sherbrooke Academy Senior, though, the adjustment has been going smoothly.

“The kids have taken it in stride,” said principal James Benn. “Most of our students have been wearing masks of some kind for the entire year.”

The masks must be worn even during classtime. Since January, only students in grades five and six were required to do so, but as of Monday the rules extend all the way down to grade one.

“For grades five and six, it's been a minor change,” said teacher Heather White. “But now the school day's going on like any other school day.”

The disposable masks last only half a day, but new ones are handed out by teachers after lunch.

For grade six student Maya Boisvert, wearing a mask brings a feeling of relief.

“It's more comfortable knowing you're wearing a surgical mask because it's more protective,” she said.