The Surete du Quebec has suspended an officer who may have helped feed information to the Hells Angels.

The officer whose credibility is being called into question has not been named, but he is a lieutenant.

The provincial police force said they came across the man's dubious trustworthiness while officers were investigating retired Sgt-Detective Benoit Roberge, who is currently in jail after being charged with selling police secrets to the Hells Angels.

The suspended officer may not have direct ties to Roberge, but was relieved of his badge and firearm within the past three days.

Roberge was a lead investigator for the Montreal police department during the biker wars but was arrested last month in the company of several gangsters.

He is facing charges of obstructing justice, breach of trust and gangsterism for allegedly selling police secrets to the criminal gang. Roberge is also linked to deceased Hells Angel Rene Charlebois, who escaped from prison in Laval earlier this year and committed suicide.

Roberge will be back in court on Nov. 21 in an attempt to be granted bail while awaiting trial.