It’s call MI4 and it has a mission: solving humanity’s deadliest puzzles.

The McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity is dedicated to fighting the very real problem of growing resistance to antibiotics.

Dr. Don Sheppard, co-director and founder of MI4 spoke to CTV Montreal about the initiative and its goals to control and evolve around Superbugs.

“We can actually not exaggerate when we say it’s one of the greatest threats to human health we’re facing right now.” explained Sheppard. “What we don’t realize is that all of modern medicine, whether we’re talking about heart surgery, replacing joints, cancer chemotherapy, it’s all based on controlling infections. If we can’t control those infections, then all of those advances in modern medicine, they’re for naught.”

  • Watch the video above to hear more about the initiative.

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