For those who spend Friday and Saturday shovelling snow near their homes, there's some not great news: more is coming and it's coming with wind.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued a snow squall watch for the islands of Montreal and Laval in addition to multiple regions of Quebec including the capital region, Sherbrooke, Mont-Laurier and Valleyfield. Visit the government site for the full list of regions with an alert.

"Brief, intense snowfall is expected to develop," ECCC writes in its warning. "Under the snow squall, visibilities will be significantly reduced due to the heavy snow combined with blowing snow."

ECCC says snow squalls could develop throughout the morning and afternoon.

"Snow squalls cause weather conditions to vary considerably; changes from clear skies to heavy snow within just a few kilometres are common," the ministry writes. "Travel may be hazardous due to sudden changes in the weather. Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow."

From two to four centimetres of snow is forecast to fall on Montreal and temperatures will hover around -1 Celsius.

Flurries are called for Sunday night when the temperature will drop to around -18 C.