A West island organization helping children with behavioural issues is running out of money.

The Family Resource Centre in Pierrefonds has always operated on a shoestring budget, but has now lost its federal funding.

Working out of the St. Barnabas Anglican Church, one of its key programs is in trouble. SNAP, which stands for Stop Now and Plan, offers help and support to children with behavioural issues at home. The parents also receive counselling.

"What we do is deal with parents and families and children who have been exhibiting behavioural issues," said Ron Swan, executive director of the Family Resource Centre. "We like to say it's not behavioural issues, it's bad choices they've made. So their thinking is askew. We get to the heart of the issue and get to change their thinking."

After five years and helping 350 families, the organization has exhausted its funding. There are still 70 on the waiting list and unless funding arrives from somewhere – or someone – they will not receive help.

"We were able to put away enough from other donations that we got, in order to finish the work we're doing, which ends in December, but as of Jan. 1, we no longer have the funding to fund the program as it stands," said Swan.

The program has been successful: most of the families who took part say they received the tools needed to deal with cognitive behavioural issues in their children. 

Schools and social services usually refer the children and their parents to the organization.

"It not only helps the children, it helps the family, it helps the community, it helps the schools," said Swan. "I think it's that successful."