A family in the Town of Mount Royal wants an apology after it discovered their postal carrier has been helping himself to the tomatoes and strawberries in their garden.

Paula Habib said the produce began vanishing in June.

“We had a full set of tomatoes and then all of a sudden the tomatoes started going down. We didn't take any ourselves; we thought it was the squirrels,” she said.

Their security camera ultimately found the real culprit – the mailman.

They recorded him on several dates helping himself to as many as 10 servings of the fruits of their labour.

“The postman is stealing tomatoes, like what's going on?” said Habib.

They even saw him taking the neighbour's strawberries.

“That's something a postman shouldn't be doing, taking peoples tomatoes and strawberries,” she said.

Habib and her family said they don't want the postal carrier fired, but they would like an apology.

“It's rude,” she said. “He never told us. He never came to the door and said, ‘I took one of your tomatoes and it was really good’ or made joke about it. He just did it and he couldn't care less.”

Canada Post is aware of the case and has spoken with the family, but so far isn't commenting on the matter.

Habib said the postman could also offer some restitution – if he replaces the plants or offers the family a strawberry pie or some tomato sauce, all will be forgiven.