A slow-moving protest is on its way from Montreal to Quebec City.

Taxi drivers, fed up with so-called 'ride-sharing' services such as Uber being allowed to operate in Quebec, are protesting today on the streets and in front of the National Assembly.

They rallied at Galeries d'Anjou early Wednesday morning before beginning to drive to Quebec City -- at the minimum speed limit posted on the highway.

UberX is an online service that connects people wanting chauffered transportation with would-be drivers.

Taxi drivers say the service is illegal, since drivers who carry passengers are required by provincial law to have a class 4C permit, and be certified by either the SAAQ or the Montreal Taxi Bureau.

They are calling on the provincial government to suspend the driver's licences of every person who drives for Uber.

They say it's the only way to stop illegal transportation since Uber is renting vehicles and paying fines when drivers have their vehicles seized. 

Uber is available in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil