MONTREAL -- Montreal is facing down its second round of lockdown, leaving mental health professional deeply concerned about what's to come over the next four weeks.

Fiona Crossling works with some of the city's most vulnerable people at Accueil Bonneau and she said the looming isolation and economic hardship could have dangerous effects. That's a lesson learned the hard way through the pandemic's first wave.

“Once COVID happened, everybody's contacts were shut down,” she said. “That's affected the general population but even more so with those struggling with mental illness.”

Clinical psychologist Syd Miller said even those who got through that first wave relatively unscathed could be in for a hard time.

“We're seeing the re-emergence of trauma, so our concern is this is going to escalate things way more,” he said. “There were some people who had their head a bit in the sand with what might be coming next.”

For more on how Montrealers are coping with the coming lockdown, watch the video above.