Some Rosemere residents are fighting the city over its decision to close down the only local fire station.

They hope the legal system will help them get the answers they say citizens deserve.

Earlier this month, the city of Rosemere closed its fire department without warning and transferred services to neighbouring Blainville.

Rosemere Mayor Madeleine Leduc said it was a financial decision, but some residents say the decision puts them at risk, because the Blainville fire hall is 17 kilometres away.

Resident Normand Painchaud filed an injunction Wednesday at the St. Jerome courthouse asking for three things:

  • Rosemere conduct an impact study about response times
  • The fire department be reopened in the meantime
  • The city be prevented from selling any related assets.

The city argues that the Rosemere firefighters only worked part time on weekdays and were on call nights and weekends, but residents say at least when they were working, the community was well protected.

The judge is expected to rule on the injunction shortly.