A house fire in Rosemere overnight killed one person who has been identified as Delbert Zieroth.

The fire began at 2 a.m. in a bungalow at 261 Avalon St. in the city north of Laval.

45 firefighters rushed to the scene but were unable to prevent flames from destroying the building.

They were able to rescue a woman, in her eighties, who was in cardiac arrest. They revived her at the scene and she was taken to hospital for further treatment.

When the fire was extinguished crews discovered the body of a second victim, although they cannot determine if the deceased is a man or a woman.

Neighhours say Delbert and Nancy Zieroth lived in the home.

Their housekeeper came by the house on Wednesday morning and spoke to CTV Montreal reporter Max Harrold. She told him that while the couple smoked elsewhere in the house or outside, they never, ever smoked in the bedroom.

Police investigators from Therese-de-Blainville were at the scene Wednesday to probe the cause of the fire and of the death.