Labour organizer and leader of the populist political party Citoyens au Pouvoir Bernard ‘Rambo’ Gauthier said he doesn’t hide the fact his beliefs are aligned with the controversial group known as La Meute.

In an interview with Le Soleil, Gauthier confirmed he’s a member of the group’s Facebook page but isn’t an official member.

La Meute has been accused of racism and Islamophobia, a charge it denies while saying the group is aimed at fighting radical Islam.

When asked if he believes comments made by members of La Meute on social media contribute to Islamophobia, he replied there are always angry people on Facebook.

Gauthier, who intends to run for office in the Duplessis riding, said the emergence of groups like La Meute isn’t unrelated to politicians seeking to alter Quebec’s voting demographics by opening border to Syrian refugees or Haitian asylum seekers. He added that he’s always been against mass immigration.