MONTREAL -- With less than 24 hours before vaccine passports hit Quebec, those without smartphones are flocking to copy centres to get their proof of vaccination.

Khalid Jismani has been printing vaccine passports all day.

‘It’s the only way for them to show the proof,” said Jismani, a co-owner of Copie Lasalle.

“Not all customers have a smart phone, so they have to print their vaccination passport to put it in their wallet,” he said.

Starting Sept. 1, people will have to show proof of vaccination before entering places like bars, restaurants, and concert venues.

  • Want to know more about how the passport will work? Click here.

Most people will be showing their proof using the VaxiCode app -- but many, especially seniors, say they wont.

“I have a little flip,” said Sonia Wygodanski, who was at the copy centre Tuesday.

“A lot of older people have the flip phone.”

The print shop can print and laminate the cards, but it hasn’t been as straightforward as expected, says Jismani.

Quebec’s vaccine-passport website recommends people print their QR code in a business card format for ease of use.

Jismani says customers have had difficulty finding the right format.

“Some of them bring a big sheet,” he said, adding its not practical to carry a large sheet of paper around.

Jalal Noorafshar, co-owner of Centre de Copie N.D.G. says he’s encountered the same problem at his shop. He says he’s been resizing them for his customers.

He says the website “is not very clear,” adding it can be confusing to find “which one people should choose for which purpose.”

The wallet-sized format can be found via a link in the proof of vaccination email sent by public health to everyone who gets vaccinated. Those without computers can call 1 877 644-4545 to have their proof of vaccination sent by mail.