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Quebecers drivers will save on renewing their licences again next year

Quebec drivers will again see a savings when they renew their licences next year.

On Tuesday, Quebec automobile insurance board the SAAQ and the provincial government confirmed that a regular driver's licence or motorcycle licence will cost $25.50.

The CAQ said fewer people drove during the pandemic and fewer people got into crashes, leading to savings that can be passed on to drivers.

The savings will amount to $101.55 for class 5 licence holders and $186.50 for holders of combined class 5 and 6 licences.

This rebate represents a total of $600 million. A further $44 million will go towards road safety projects, and $52 million will be used to improve insurance coverage.

The mess surrounding the implementation of the new computer system at the SAAQ also cost $41 million in additional hiring, overtime and other costs.

The government said, however, it is not considering giving more money to public transit agencies.

"We put a lot of money in those projects and this year, for 2024, we have paid 70 per cent of the deficits of those societies over which we have no power. We don't decide anything," said Transport Minister Genevieve Guilbault.

Guilbault also announced the opening of a new SAAQ service centre at Place Versailles, at 7275 Sherbrooke St. E. the new service centre will employ 70 people and virtually double the daily appointment capacity of all Montreal-area service points combined.

The decision was prompted by the fact that waiting times in the Montreal region are 36 per cent higher than the Quebec average.

- With files from CTV News Montreal's Stephane Giroux and The Canadian Press Top Stories

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