With goals on more oversight, prevention and support for victims, Quebec solidaire has outlined its plan to fight sexual violence against women.

MNA Manon Masse said on Tuesday that she wants a review of sexual assault cases that never led to charges.

The opposition party is concerned about the number of sexual assault allegations that are dismissed.

According to Masse, 40 per cent of sexual assault files are deemed unfounded.

Though it may be controversial, Masse isn’t backing down from using the term ‘rape culture,’ saying she believes it exists here, and that the justice system often fails victims.

Quebec solidaire would like to see what's called the ‘Philadelphia model’ introduced in Quebec. Under that model, unfounded sexual assault cases are reviewed by advocacy groups alongside high-ranking police officers to identify if there were any failures the first time around.

The model began in Philadelphia in 2000, after an investigative report uncovered that city police weren't properly investigating sex crimes.

Since the system has been put in place in Philadelphia, the number of cases deemed unfounded has dropped significantly.

Masse wants Quebec to review sexual assault cases going back five years with the help of groups that can provide police oversight.

“Have some women from women's groups, from some feminist advocates and some LGBT rights defenders. So, I think with this kind of committee, we can go back for the last five years,” she said.

Quebec solidaire is also calling for an aid fund for victims to provide resources and guidance before they file a complaint with police.

The party is also once again pushing for mandatory sexual education courses given by trained professionals to address prevention.