Approximately 150,000 construction workers are on vacation for the next two weeks -- along with tens of thousands of other Quebecers who take time off as well.

The government estimates that one-quarter of Quebec's labour force will be on vacation.

Overall, about 80 per cent of construction workers are officially on holiday from July 23 until August 5, although many construction sites have already shut down.

There are exceptions to the holiday, including maintenance and repair work, emergency construction, and building new houses.

Many crews can also perform roadwork during the next two weeks – but overall, drivers can expect the roads to be less busy and work sites should be quieter overall.

Many vacationers will be taking to the road over the next two weeks. The SQ is stepping up road patrols. With with so many families en route, they say it's important to stay safe and be patient. Waits at the Canada/ U.S. border are also expected to be long.

This year the Construction Commission of Quebec (CCQ) sent out nearly $400 million in vacation pay to 148,500 employees, about 10 per cent more than was earned last year.

“Don't forget, this is Quebec, so construction here is to the max. A lot of hours, a lot of weekends, a lot of OT, so the two weeks is well deserved. Well deserved,” said construction worker Tom Lasorsa.

The two-week summer holiday has been in place since 1971 after created by government decree.