MONTREAL -- Quebec's Ministry of Health tweeted Saturday that the province has reported 995 new COVID-19 cases, with around 78 per cent of those not fully vaccinated.

The ministry said 702 of those newly infected by the novel coronavirus had not received a dose of vaccine, 70 received one dose more than two weeks ago and 223 received both doses more than a week ago. 

These infections came from 26,329 samples that were analyzed meaning the positive infection rate was 3.4 per cent.

Thirty-six more patients checked into Quebec hospitals, in addition, with 30 of those unvaccinated, two having received one dose of vaccine, and four double-vaxxed.

In total, 218 people are receiving care in the province's hospitals for COVID-19, 11 more than on Friday. Of those, 75 people are in intensive care wards, an increase of three.

Four more people died due to COVID-19, bringing that total to 11,305.


Quebec is reporting that of those eligible to receive a dose of vaccine, 6,576,211 people (88 per cent) have received one dose, and 6,098,672 (81 per cent) are double-vaxxed.