Quebec reported a further drop in COVID-19 hospitalizations Tuesday with 31 fewer patients receiving care for the disease.

The Ministry of Health reports that 108 patients checked into hospitals in the province for treatment and 139 were discharged, making the overall total 1,007 hospitalizations.

Of those, 26 people are in intensive care wards, a decrease of two from 24 hours ago.

There are 3,818 health-care workers currently off for COVID-19-related reasons.

Six more people have died due to the novel coronavirus, bringing the overall total to 15,456.


Out of 9,131 PCR tests that were analyzed, 630 came back positive for a positivity rate of 7.7 per cent.

There have been 1,070,150 positive PCR tests in Quebec since the start of the pandemic.

In addition, after 224 positive self-declared rapid tests were logged, the province has recorded 177,731 positive rapid antigen tests.

There are 149 rapid COVID-19 outbreaks being monitored by the Ministry of Health.

On June 5, a total of 10,153 samples were analyzed.


Quebec health-care professionals administered 4,193 more doses of vaccine, including 4,039 in the past 24 hours.

Since the campaign began, 19,945,783 doses have been administered in Quebec and 337,709 doses were administered to Quebecers out of province.