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Quebec reports 478 new COVID-19 cases; Nunavik in crisis

Montreal -

Quebec's active COVID-19 cases are staying relatively low overall, with the province reporting just 3,981 as of Thursday.

That number includes 478 newly confirmed cases. Five more people have died due to the virus.

Nineteen people were admitted to hospital and 22 were discharged. The total number of people hospitalized is now 254, down three from Wednesday.

Nine people were admitted to ICU and eight discharged from that unit and likely back to regular hospital care, making a total increase of one.

Over the last month, data shows that unvaccinated Quebecers are 19.2 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 and six times more likely to be infected.

On Tuesday, the last day reported, Quebec processed 32,889 COVID-19 tests.


New vaccinations are still hitting the over-10,000 mark at least once a week, and on Thursday, the province reported adding 14,376 new shots in the last 24 hours, about 1,000 of which had been given out previously but not officially tallied.

That brings Quebec to a total rate of 90.5 per cent of the eligible population vaccinated with at least one dose.

People in their 30s and 40s have consistently accounted for the biggest share of new vaccinations in the last stretch, with 22 per cent of Thursday's newly reported doses going to this group.


For the first time in the pandemic, the northern Quebec region of Nunavik is in a serious COVID-19 crisis, with most of its towns in lockdown and under curfew, and non-essential travel banned.

The current rate of active infections there is 902 cases per 100,000 population.

No other region of Quebec currently has a rate above 80 per 100,000. The highest is Laval at 75, followed by the Eastern Townships at 67, Chaudiere-Appalaches at 66, and Montreal at 59.



An earlier version of this story contained a miscalculation of the rate of active cases in Nunavik. The rate is almost one infection for every 100 people. CTV regrets the error. Top Stories

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