Quebec MNAs have voted to raise their pension contributions to 50 per cent, up from 21 per cent.

After much bickering, the motion, raised by Coalition Avenir Quebec leader Francois Legault was supported Wednesday afternoon by all 107 Liberal, PQ and CAQ members present. Only Quebec Solidaire refused to take part.

Legault announced the idea Wednesday, saying he believes it’s only fair that MNAs get the same deal as municipal employees would under the Bill 3 pension reform proposal.

Legault said Quebec's political class must “lead by example” in this time of fiscal restraint.

“We are asking (everybody to sacrifice). We're asking everybody to contribute at 50-50 for pension plans so why don't we apply that to ourselves?” he said. “It would be giving a good signal to do the same for our pension plans as what we're asking for employees.”

MNAs currently contribute  21 per cent, though that number will rise in line with the municipal workers’ contribution reform.

Many argued MNAs generous pensions were a way to compensate for their $88,000 salaries, which are considered low compared to Ontario MLAs, who earn $116,000 per year

“I think we should simply look at the proposal as a whole and not play petty politics, as the CAQ obviously does,” said PQ MNA Jean-Francois Lisee

An independent report written by former judge Claire L'Heureux-Dubé in 2013 recommended the pension contributions be increased to 41 per cent, while increasing salaries to $136,000.

The premier promises MNAs will make the same effort as municipal workers.

Politicians may not want to vote on their own working conditions, but MNAs realize they must walk the walk if they are to ask municipal workers to contribute more.

“We should have a position which is consistent with the position we have vis-a-vis other people,” said Bourassa-Sauve Liberal MNA Rita de Santis.

With files from The Canadian Press