MONTREAL - There are about 85,000 non-certified wood burning stoves in Montreal and the Quebec government has announced a plan designed to eliminate them.

The province has set aside $6 million to offer stove owners rebates to exchange their stove with one that is more environmentally friendly.

Rebates for one of the new stoves or heating alternatives, which include wood pellets and propane, range from $300 and $900.

Wood stoves are a major cause of bad air quality during the winter in Montreal and can lead to certain diseases of the heart and lungs, according to Equiterre.

Those interested in taking part in the program are advised to contact the environmental group Equiterre.

"People who have wood stoves, their first step should be to contact us," Sydney Ribaux of Equiterre told CTV Montreal.

The program begins this fall. For more information visit the group's website.