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Quebec government puts the brakes on Indigenous languages 'Bill 101'

The Legault government is temporarily backing down on its plans to introduce a "Bill 101" to protect Indigenous languages in Quebec.

Many Indigenous representatives have expressed their unease, according to the minister responsible for this file, Ian Lafrenière, at a news scrum on Thursday, the day on which Joyce Echaquan's death was commemorated in the national assembly.

Almost a year ago to the day, during the election campaign, CAQ leader François Legault pledged to introduce a bill to defend and promote Indigenous languages.

Lafrenière said Indigenous people feel that something is being imposed on them, and it is an extremely sensitive issue.

The CAQ government is waiting for the results of meetings with Indigenous leaders before agreeing on how to proceed.

A bill has not yet been ruled out, but it could also be a plan or budgetary commitment, the minister concluded.

This report by The Canadian press was first published in French on Sept. 28, 2023. Top Stories

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