The Professional Federation of Quebec Journalists is investigating a report that a high-profile French-language foreign correspondent fabricated information.

In a statement released Saturday, the FPJQ said it was “very concerned” after La Presse published a report on Francois Bugingo, a regular contributor on Benoit Dutrizac’s afternoon radio show on 98.5 FM.

The radio station also released a statement saying it has suspended Bugingo indefinitely. TVA and Journal de Montreal, who also employ him as a freelance correspondent have followed suit and have suspended him as well.

The La Presse article refers to repeated incidents over several years, dating back to Sarajevo in 1993. It also alleges he lied about how he helped negotiate the release of an Al-Qaeda hostage in 2010.

Bugingo took to his Facebook page to say he is "stunned by the attack," adding that the information he shares over the airwaves is always verified. He said he will defend his integrity on the matter.

Bugingo has contributed to numerous Quebec news stations over the length of his career.

A member of the FPJQ said the allegations are very serious because they have the potential to affect the credibility of the journalistic profession as a whole.

The FPJQ said it may impose sanctions on its members ranging from temporary suspension to expulsion. The federation said it will first hear from Bugingo to give him the chance to respond.

The Board of Directors of the FPJQ said it will examine the case in the coming days.