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Quebec COVID-19 update coming Thursday amid increase in hospitalizations


With Quebec now in its seventh wave of COVID-19, the health ministry is expected to give an update on the situation Thursday.

At 2 p.m., Dr. Marie-France Raynault, the senior strategic advisor for public health, will hold a press briefing on the "current status of COVID-19 in Quebec."  


On Wednesday, Quebec reported a steep increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations with a net increase of about 100 beds occupied by coronavirus patients. 

In the 24 hours leading up to the Wednesday morning tally, 258 people entered hospital with COVID-19. That's nearly double the number of discharges.  

Of those in hospital, occupancy rose slightly in ICUs across the province after 18 people were admitted, and 13 discharged. The net increase was five compared to the day before. 

Among hospital staff, 7,094 health workers were off the job for a COVID-19-related reason such as infection or preventative isolation.

The province also reported 11 more deaths, bringing that total to 15,708. 

Quebec reported 2,164 positive PCR tests, which are reserved for select at-risk groups.

There were also 677 self-reported rapid tests, which are available to the general public at most pharmacies.  

  • Did you get a positive result on a rapid test? You can report it here.

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