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Quebec committee recommends over 20% pay increase for politicians


A committee is recommending that the salaries of elected officials in Quebec be increased by $30,000 per year.

If the recommendation is implemented, the annual salary of MNAs would rise from $101,561 to $131,766.

The work of MNAs in Quebec has become more complex in recent years, and their duties have increased considerably, the committee said.

Ministers' salaries, meanwhile, would rise from $177,732 to $230,591.

Premier François Legault would earn $270,120. His salary is currently $208,200.

The Bureau of the National Assembly (BAN) voted last February to create a committee that studied the remuneration of elected officials. It was composed of former Liberal minister Lise Thériault, former PQ MNA Martin Ouellet and a human resources specialist, Jérôme Côté.

"I want Quebecers to understand that if we want to have a healthy and vibrant democracy, if we want to be attractive, if we want to have people from all walks of life, we need attractive working conditions," Ouellet said.

The report states that MNAs spend an average of 63 hours a week at work and ten hours a week on business travel.

Québec Solidaire is opposed to this salary increase. The party said it is not up to elected officials to vote on their own working conditions.

"Out of respect for the population, we need to start from the beginning in the right way with an independent and binding committee that will have the mandate to review all the remuneration and working conditions of MNAs," said QS parliamentary leader Alexandre Leduc.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on April 19, 2023. Top Stories

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