MONTREAL -- The Quebec government announced Wednesday that it will invest $90 million to enhance youth protection in the province.

Minister for Health and Social Services Lionel Carmant said that this additional investment will make it possible to consolidate the youth protection service teams, youth accommodation, the Crisis Intervention Program and intensive monitoring in the community as well as those offering legal services.

The minister also plans to continue to improve the clinical support as well as the support available for foster families.

The Programme qualification des jeunes (PQJ), which aims to prepare young people aged 16 to 19 for the transition to adulthood, will now be open to more participants. The program helps young people build support networks and integrate into the workforce or into qualified training programs.

Carmant also said the new investment will support the addition of more managers to mentor staff.

The government announcement is a response to the recommendations made last December by the Special Commission on the Rights of Children and the Protection of Young People, chaired by Régine Laurent.

Wednesday's announcement builds on the $65 million that had already been announced in 2019 to help eliminate waiting lists, consolidate youth protection services and strengthen clinical support for teams.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 1, 2020.