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QLP says there's room for Quebec nationalist voices in the party

The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) is speaking out against the notion that it has no room for Quebec nationalists.

Delegates and elected representatives gathered at the party's national council in Victoriaville Saturday to respond to concerns raised by Jérôme Turcotte, former president of the QLP's political committee.

He believes the party does not make space for Quebec nationalists, and is plagued by a "Canadianizing nationalism."

"Personally, I don't feel it, frankly," said Liberal MNA Frédéric Beauchemin, who has been tipped to enter the leadership race.

But in the same breath, he admits there's significant "Montreal representation" in the current Liberal deputation and that the party needs to "reconnect with 94 per cent of the francophone electorate."

In a press scrum, interim Liberal leader Marc Tanguay said nationalist delegates will have an opportunity to express themselves in this general council.

"The place is there, those who said [they were marginalized] will have the opportunity to express themselves, the relaunch will be done by addressing the real issues," he said.

For her part, MNA Michelle Setlakwe said CAQ leader François Legault does not have a monopoly on nationalism.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on May 27, 2023. Top Stories

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