MONTREAL -- Quebec wants people to know that composting isn't really about cutting down on waste or saving landfill space.

It’s about cutting greenhouse gases. If left untreated, organic waste creates a huge amount of climate-change-causing methane and CO2.

That’s the reasoning behind the province’s decision to inject $1.2 billion into composting over the next 10 years, as it announced Friday.

The hard part is making it easy for all Quebecers, no matter what their living situation is, say experts.

“There’s no one way,” says Sonia Gagne of Recyc-Quebec. “We have solutions for smaller cities, smaller municipalities—there’s no one-fit-for-all solutions.”

The province especially wants to increase composting in high-rises, where it can feel overly complicated and difficult right now, say urban mayors.

“It's important to keep it simple,” says Jean-François Parenteau, the borough mayor for Verdun. “If it’s too complicated, the people... prefer to do it like they did it before.”

Watch the video above to learn more about what’s planned.