A Quebec town that this week suffered its worst flooding in nearly 50 years is fearing more damage as rain is forecast in the coming days.

Officials in Beauceville, about 90 kilometres south of Quebec City, say they haven't seen this type of flooding since 1971.

And with warmer weather and rain forecast to end the week, there are concerns the Chaudiere River could burst its banks again.

At least 230 buildings remained evacuated today, but the roads were mostly open, including the main street along the river.

The damage to homes was apparent, and some businesses remained closed. Mayor Francois Veilleux said it wasn't immediately known if any evacuees would be allowed to return home today.

Forty-nine people had to leave their homes, and six roads were affected by the rising waters of the Chaudiere River.


Memories of previous floods

For some residents, it's bringing back bad memories of previous floods. 

For Juan Ramirez of Ahuntsic, 2017 flooding resulted in $62,000 of damage and the loss of his basement library.

To make matters worse, his contractor then stole the money given to him by the province.

"He never came to finish the job," he said. 

Ramirez feels the city should be preventing damage by putting up sandbags immediately.

He's worried about history repeating itself.

"I'm traumatized," he said.