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Pro-Palestinian demonstration held outside U.S. consulate in Montreal


Two weeks after Hamas militants attacked Israel, Montreal's Palestinian community gathered at the U.S. consulate on Ste-Catherine Street to denounce what they claim is the United States' complicity in the military response.

Sarah Shamy, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Youth Movement, said Canada should also cut off aid to Israel.

"We're here to demand the immediate end of the bombing of the people of Gaza and demand that Canada stop its material and diplomatic support of Israel," she said in an interview.

The demonstration was peaceful but under heavy police presence. Many demanded a peaceful resolution to the conflict to protect innocent civilians.

"It's so important to bring all those values to our children and to be against horrible things that are happening not just in Palestine but everywhere," said Famy Tuati while holding his young son's hand.

Palestinian Montrealers also express frustration against the media and Western governments, who they claim do not understand the root of Palestinian anger.

Imahid Ali was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon before his family managed to move to Canada.

"People are there since 75 years. I was one of them ... None of them has passport, we don't have a state, we have nothing. The whole world doesn't care about us," Ali said.

Some members of the Jewish community also took part, voicing a minority opinion within their community.

"We believe that the only way to bring security for both Palestinians and Israelis is for justice for Palestine," says Nile Clappen-Ricardo, from a group called Jewish Palestinian Voices.

The protesters walked along Sherbrooke Street and ended their protest in front of Premier François Legault's office before they dispersed peacefully. Top Stories

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