After a year and a half of negotiating, the Pointe-Claire building where the former Pioneer bar stood has finally been sold – which means it’s one step closer to being demolished.

The glory days long gone, the Pioneer is now just an empty, rundown building.

But developer and architect Greg Koegl sees an opportunity.

“We're investing close to $15 million to do what we think is really needed in the community, which is to improve it,” he said.

A year and a half ago, Koegl devised a plan to demolish the old building, and construct 15 condo units and four commercial units.

His original project called for a four-storey building, it's since been scaled back to two and a half storeys.

“There's need for some residences in the community, which doesn't really exist,” said the developer.

Koegl has an agreement with the city to buy the parking lot next door to the Pioneer, which is the key to the development. That sale is still not finalized.

City hall has still not approved the final project.

One reason the process has taken so long is the fierce opposition to the condo units.

“It doesn't fit what we have here,” said Tim Thomas, who is one of the opponents, asking that the space remain a bar or other type of meeting place. “It's a commercial village where people come to shop. It's not a residential place. It shouldn't be a residential place.”

The Pioneer's former owner says she tried for 10 years to find a buyer, but claims no one wanted it.

Koegl said he believes his project will help revitalize the area.

City hall has until April to decide whether he'll get the green light to proceed.

Opponents of the project plan to show up at the next Pointe-Claire city council meeting on Jan. 15 to voice their opinions.