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Pizza perfection: Montreal brothers bring a slice of Italy to Lachine


After many years of making pizza out of their home for family and friends, the Mellozzi brothers have opened Forno Pizza Frankie's in Lachine.

It's not any ordinary pizza place; it's a tribute to their family legacy in the local culinary scene.

To create a high-quality, authentic pie takes passion and skill -- two things Donny and Danny Mellozzi bring to the kitchen.

Whether it's the ingredients or the love they pour into it, they want to bring Italian flavours to Montrealers.

"We try to keep everything as authentic as possible," said Donny.

And what's more authentic than meat toppings from their family-owned Italian butcher?

"My father's been a butcher and co-owner of Marchigiani for a long time and that's in our DNA," Danny added.

Their venture with Forno Pizza Frankie's has been a long time coming.

"We're talking 25 years of making pizza for friends and family. I was doing catering out of the basement of the house, and I had a nice setup there, and people were coming over to pick up pies."

But with their pizza in high demand, they decided to move into a kitchen space in Lachine. Orders are placed through their Instagram account and customers pick up their pies by appointment twice a week.

The brothers say their business is about more than making dough -- it's about honouring and continuing their father's legacy.

"Every pizza we make tells a story. And it's our family's story."

The brothers even got high praise from American food expert Steve Dolinsky.

"He's a 13-time James Beard award-winning journalist and he sits on a committee that runs the top 50 restaurants in the world. He's one of the judges there and he came in here and said, 'I gotta try your pizza, I love your story.' He's like, 'This is life changing pizza,'" Donny said. Top Stories

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