Nearly three weeks after a Montreal woman was fatally mauled by a pit bull, Montreal police and animal rights advocates are receiving reports of attacks on the breed.

In Rawdon, a family saw its six-month-old pit bull die and its one-year-old pit bull fall ill after both ate what they believe was poisoned food left on their balcony on June 23.

The Surete du Quebec have confirmed they are looking into the incident.

A boxer in Chateauguay that resembled a pit bull was recently taken from its yard and beaten and suffered cigarette burns to its face.

Montreal, Quebec City and Longueuil have all recently announced plans to ban pit bulls and other aggressive breeds. Animal rights advocate Susan Mackasey said the proposed legislation is helping to create an environment that is dangerous for the dogs.

“We always hear of people who are cruel, who use poison and terrible things to dogs and cats and all kinds of animals but right now, with the breed-specific legislation being imposed by the mayor, we’re hearing about this much more frequently,” said Mackasey. “I think we’re going to hear of more attacks because basically the message that’s going out there is that dogs are dangerous and it’s breeding fear.”

The incidents come days after a dog in Rosemont ate meatballs in which someone had place razor blades. The dog required surgery but survived.