MONTREAL -- One night and one round of $1,550 tickets weren't enough to dissuade a group in Shawinigan, Quebec from getting together a second night -- when police busted them again. 

Another party in Ste-Beatrix resulted in over 30 tickets for partygoers.


Quebec provincial police said in a release late Friday that they'd found a group of 17 people gathering, against COVID-19 rules, at a home in Shawinigan, a town about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.

They wrote 17 tickets of $1,550 each, a spokesperson said. The people involved all came from different addresses, some in Quebec and some Ontario.

But on Friday, around 8:30 p.m., police returned to the very same address -- to find "another gathering of a similar size," police wrote.

Many of the very same people were there, plus three newcomers.


The Matainie SQ department was also called Friday at 11:30 a.m. about a gathering on Rang Sainte-Agather in Sainte-Beatrix, just over an hour northeast of Montreal. 

"More than thirty people were gathered in a private residence when the police arrived," the police wrote in a statement. "The majority of the people identified were from Ontario and a few had addresses in Quebec. General offence reports were written for each of the offenders."


Police want to remind the public that they've stepped up patrolling this weekend to try to prevent Easter gatherings, which are not permitted under the red-zone public health rules governing almost all of the province.

That particular house in Shawinigan will also be under scrutiny, police said: "Checks will be carried out in the coming days to ensure compliance with the Public Health Act."

This week, Quebec leaders begged people to stay home over Easter as the province sees the beginning of a serious third wave, with daily COVID-19 cases at their highest since January.

Three cities, including Quebec City, were also put on a 10-day lockdown on Thursday, including shuttering schools and all non-essential businesses.