MONTREAL - In the second night of public consultations on the fate of high schools in Montreal, parent after parent spoke out against moving students out of Royal Vale High School.

The English Montreal School Board has proposed taking Grades 7-11 out of Royal Vale, in NDG, and moving students to the former Wagar High School in Cote St. Luc, a building currently used by special needs and adult education students.

But Tuesday night parents soundly rejected that idea.

"I think it's because we love our school and we love the programs that our school offers," said Jim Pfaus, a professor at Concordia University whose children attend Royal Vale.

Pupils at Royal Vale are also anxious about moving next September.

Fozail Ahmad, a grade 10 student, says many of his classmates have been at the school since kindergarten,

"A lot of them are upset that they're doing it. I've heard, 'They can't move it, that doesn't make any sense.' Many students are against this move," said Ahmad.

The debate over the school has pitted the borough of NDG against the city of Cote St. Luc.

One month ago NDG councillors passed a resolution urging the EMSB to keep Royal Vale where it is.

"It doesn't mean we have anything against Cote St. Luc at all. We simply believe the school is in the right place right now," said councillor Susan Clarke.

For its part, the city of Cote St. Luc says it has not had a mainstream high school for six years.

"We have a large enough population to warrant it," said Mayor Anthony Housefather. "Lots of school-aged kids and we pay taxes as well. We're the third largest city on the island of Montreal."

Royal Vale parents have an unexpected ally against the proposed move.

Cynthia Dudley is a parent whose child attends the special needs program at John Grant high school.

She says many other John Grant parents do not want another high school to share the building.

"We have tried integration, integration failed. Not all children can be integrated," said Dudley.

The EMSB said it will make its decision about Royal Vale by Jan. 11, 2012.

Meanwhile the public consultations continue Wednesday night, with the board scheduled to discuss the closure of St. Gabriel school.