More than 40 cats and 60 dogs were seized by the SPCA Tuesday in a breeding facility in the South Shore.

“They’re mostly purebred; the type of animals you would see sold online or in pet stores,” explained SPCA director Alanna Devine.

The SPCA is in the beginning stages of their investigation and can only say that the owner is known to authorities.

The animals are undergoing medical assessments and care by the veterinarian team at the SPCA.

The SPCA has 90 days to build a case to prove in court the health and welfare of the animals would be compromised if they were returned to the owner; the Crown has 90 days to lay charges.

Pushing for legislation changes

In 2014, the Montreal SPCA investigated about 1,200 new complaints involving 3,000 animals – and they’re just one of several organizations that carry out raids.

Devine said stopping Quebec's puppy and kitten mill problem starts with legislation.

The SPCA is pushing to see a cap on the breeding animals that can be kept at any facility. Quebec has a pet overpopulation problem, and Devine said she hopes that cap will be included in an animal welfare bill to be introduced by the Agriculture Minister Pierre Paradis in the upcoming months.

“Quebec has a huge overpopulation program there is simply no reason that people should have these kinds of numbers of animals for breeding purposes,” said Devine.