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One year ago, Montreal police shot Ronny Kay. His family says they still don't know much else

Ronny Kay was considered an important figure in Montreal’s Chinese community. He was a businessman, a part-time actor, and his friends and family say he was active in his neighbourhood.

That was until Sept. 17, 2022 – the day he had an argument with his girlfriend. He seemed to be in distress, and police were called in. Then, Kay was shot dead in the middle of the street.

One year later, community members say they still aren’t clear on just why Kay was shot.

“We need an explanation of why we lost one of the most active, engaged members of the community,” said May Chiu, a long time community activist who has become a close confidante to Kay’s family since his death.

At the time, police said Kay wouldn't drop an object that looked like a weapon.

The inquiry was transferred to Quebec’s police watchdog, the BEI, which steps in when someone dies during a police intervention.

It’s been a year since the BEI got involved, and community members say little has been revealed since.

“One year later, they should have found it on his body -- whatever he was holding,” said Chiu.

Ronny Kay, seen here in this photo, worked for the Red Cross and travelled the world, his family said. (Submitted photo)

“That's why the family, from the beginning, has been calling for a public inquest so that the investigation can be transparent and shared with the public, especially the family,” said Chiu, speaking to CTV while Kay’s grieved privately in a nearby cemetery.

Kay's relatives have held protests before. They say not a single representative of the Montreal police has offered an apology or sympathy.

Meantime, Montreal's Chinatown is grappling with a rising number of people with mental health issues, according to community members.

“We don’t believe calling for more policing is the answer,” said Chiu. “We really need social-service intervention. We need mental health services and we need services for addiction.”

Neither the Montreal police nor the BEI would comment for this story, citing the ongoing investigation. Top Stories

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