People who live and work near the Turcot Interchange have been complaining about the noise coming from the construction site for years.

Now Transport Quebec data shows that despite sound barriers and limits on when work can be done, noise levels frequently break the allowed limits.

From April 21 to October 30 in 2016, noise levels were above accepted levels more than 1,400 times.

Sarah Bensadoun of Transport Quebec said it's not always due to construction, but it is always investigated.

"We take this matter seriously and we try to prevent it before we have any complaints," said Bensadoun.

Two contractors have been fined for breaking noise limits near St. Jacques St.

"The contractor did not work in the time frame that was allowed so we had to put a penalty of $2500," said Bensadoun.

Chakira Ditchburn, who lives on Addington St. parallel to the Decarie Expressway, said while she has adjusted to the noise, there are other problems.

"The noise is not that bad, sometimes late at night, you'll hear tthe trucks that are reversing, the beep, beep, beep. But besides that it's really the vibrations."

Those vibrations have created cracks in the walls of Ditchburn's home.

Transport Quebec says if Ditchburn gets in touch, experts from the ministry will inspect her home.

Noise levels at the Turcot construction sites can be monitored constantly on a government website.