No charges will be laid in connection with a horrific death of a truck driver involved in a crash on the Metropolitan Expressway three years ago.

Gilbert Prince was burned alive on Aug. 9, 2016, when his truck caught fire after slamming into another truck that had stopped on the highway.

Because of a recurring mechanical problem, the emergency brake on a tanker truck owned by Bombardier suddenly engaged.

The tanker came to a stop and in just eight seconds, four other vehicles behind it were involved in a chain-reaction collision, including Prince's tractor-trailer.

Bombardier trucks had a history of sudden stops.

The workers' health and safety board (CNESST) report found that the company did not do an adequate job of dealing with that problem.

The results of a Surete du Quebec investigation into the cause were handed over to the Crown, which ultimately decided that no criminal charges will be laid.

"Following a complete review of the investigation file sent by the Surete du Quebec, the DPCP concludes that no charges will be laid in this case. The prosecutor who analyzed the file met with the deceased's relatives in March to inform them that she was unable to prove a criminal act in this case,” said Crown spokesperson Jean-Pascale Boucher in a statement.