If there is any certainty in Quebec, it's that the province's politics are never boring.

This week Environment Minister Daniel Breton resigned not only after being badgered for allegedly bullying employees at the environmental review board (BAPE) but after reporters discovered his history of driving at 275 km/h, being evicted for non-payment of rent, and defrauding employment insurance.

"It's never been seen before," said political analyst Jean Lapierre. "Before you become a minister there's a security check done by the Surete du Quebec and they go and see every record you've got, but I don't think we had a precedent where you had to go to the rent control board to see if the future minister had been evicted."

Don Macpherson said Breton's past reflects very poorly on the premier.

"This is as much about Pauline Marois because first of all she said during the election campaign, when she was sworn in she set high standards of ethical behaviour for her government and the members of her government," said Macpherson.

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