Quebec City says it has heard consumer complaints about cell phone contracts, and has drawn up plans to do something about it.

Quebec justice minister Kathleen Weil introduced a bill Tuesday imposing contract regulations on the cell phone industry.

The bills says:

  • three year cell phone contracts are too long
  • contracts are to be standardized to allow consumers to compare plans and companies
  • contracts have to be understandable, and give the consumer the full total of all he services he or she is signing up for
  • it will be easier to get out of a contract that no longer works for the consumer
  • companies will have to get written permission to extend a user's contract.

And more...

Gift cards are also covered under the bill. Expiry dates on gift vouchers would be disallowed.

Extended warranties are also targeted: merchants selling warranties will have to tell consumers what the manufacturer's warranty already covers.

The bill will not be law until the fall.