MONTREAL -- The mother of Michael Chicoine, the man who is facing charges of second-degree murder in connection to the death of two young boys in Wendake, said in a letter to the media that her son sought help from his family doctor for mental health issues linked to depression. 

"But the doors closed again," she said. "The only help he received was a telephone call, on one occasion, from a psychiatrist, that barely lasted 10 minutes." 

Mylene Chicoine said her son attempted suicide in the past and that he was never able to receive proper help. 

"The specialist then prescribed medication for him, without further consultation," she said of his call with the psychiatrist. 

Mylene said she and her son spoke regularly. 

"I never, ever would have thought that Michael could have been a danger to anyone and that he would do something irreperable," she said. 

A new investigation will look into reports that youth protection services knew about the children's situation, but failed to save them.