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Paul Karwatsky

Anchor for CTV News Montreal at 5 and Late News



Paul Karwatsky graduated with a double major in journalism and political science from Montreal's Concordia University.

After freelancing briefly for The West Island Chronicle, Karwatsky spent time travelling the world as a freelance magazine writer. It brought him to Brazil where he covered Rio's art scene for a London-based publication. After spending one year copy writing and editing in the medical field, Karwatsky decided to focus on following his dream of being a full-time reporter in his hometown.

Karwatsky began writing very early in life, helping to start an elementary school paper and then continuing to write throughout high school. He often refers to the day he wrote a commentary on the Major League Baseball strike and was accused of submitting an adult's work as the day he decided that there might be a future for him in journalism.

Paul began his career at CTV Montreal in 2005 as a researcher. He soon moved up to on-air reporting, covering such stories as the de la Concorde overpass collapse, the Dawson College shooting and its aftermath, as well as a series of federal and provincial elections at a time when minority governments meant a very tumultuous period in Quebec and Canadian politics.

In 2009, Karwatsky began anchoring CTV Weekend News at 6pm with co-anchor Tarah Schwartz, as well as Late News at 11:30 pm.

In January 2012, Karwatsky was named co-anchor of CTV Montreal's Noon News and 6pm Evening News, alongside veteran broadcaster Mutsumi Takahashi.

When CTV launched the 5 p.m. News in 2017, Karwatsky shifted roles to anchor that show and Late News at 11:30 p.m.

Paul has two young children.